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Friday Family Fitness Fun...

Fun Friday for Family Phys. Ed. class. We started off with Drop the Chicken tag outside in which players had to try and hold the chicken as long as possible before someone else tagged them. Families found out very quickly how fast they can get their heart rates up as soon as 10-15 people are chasing after you, haha. We then finished the warm up with some Snake tag where players had to communicate with their teammates to try and not let the tail of the snake get tagged. We then challenged each person to try some juggling. Juggling is a great test of resiliency and persistence, all while giving each person the opportunity to improve their hand eye coordination. We then finished with Team Handball where players must use communication and a lot of teamwork in order to be successful and scoring against the other team. Everyone left really sweaty today and shared a lot of great laughter as well. Thank you everyone for coming out tonight!

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