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We had a new family come out for their first time and they gave some great feedback. "I honestly didn't think it was going to be that much fun." - Doug R. What a great feeling to hear someone say that about Family Phys. Ed. We started with handshake, high five, hug tag where we talked about how important it is to give people we care about positive human touches and the impact it can have on our moods. We then completed a 5 min fun family workout station circuit. After the hard work, we played a Dr. Dodgeball where players could get saved by riding an ambulance back to the hospital. The last round we even played parents vs. kiddos... and the kiddos came out victorious! What a fun evening with these families.

What a day. Started with 3 hour drive to PSU to watch my former players play rugby against Arizona. 3 hour drive right back to these awesome families. We were blessed enough to have some great weather so we started with a few rounds of "Roundup". Got in a few 4 min workouts, then played some floor hockey! These families all had some great stick skills. It's so fun to see all these families playing games with each other and sharing so much laughter and movement.

What a great first class. We started with "Bull in the Ring" where players had to use their communication skills to try and trade places with other "matadors" before the "bull" stole their safe spot. We then completed a fun 5 min family workout with a lot of heart pumping movement. Students then got to learn Castleball where they had to demonstrate teamwork and cooperation in order to keep their castles from getting knocked down by other "kingdoms".

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