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Push-ups (30 seconds)

Up and down squats (30 seconds)

March in place (30 seconds)

Plank hold (30 seconds)

Kicks front (30 seconds)

Inch worms (30 seconds)

Neck Rolls (30 seconds)


Turkey Tag! One person is the turkey.

If the turkey tags you, you are the new turkey. Continue playing until everyone has been the turkey at least once.


Chat about the sweet things in life for which you are thankful.

1) Exercise: As a family, decide on how many rounds you will do of...

20 jumping jacks

20 sit-ups

20 mountain climbers

20 squats

2) Activity:

Take a family stroll together.

Share one thing you can see,

one thing you can smell,

one thing you can touch,

and one thing you can hear

that you never noticed before.

Chat: What happens when we start noticing the small beauties in life?

1) Exercise: Favorite song workout!

Play your favorite song.

Complete as many rounds of the following exercises as you can until the song is over!

When you get to the chorus, hold a squat!

5 burpees

20 jumping jacks

20 sit-ups

20 high knees

2) Activity: Family Hike

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